This is how it all began…


First, let me give you a little bit of background information: after years of severe struggling in my marriage, I finally decided to leave. It wasn’t easy, I had tried to leave a few times before but had been too attached, too hopeful for things to change to follow though with it. I wanted the happy family for us and our son. Being a single Mom was never something I had pictured in my wildest dreams. So, here I am at 45 with a beautiful 7-year old boy, trying to rebuild my life.

As I was leaving, I was told: If you leave, you go without my money”. I left any ways, not fully believing that this would happen. Well, it did happen. A few days later, I was denied access to our business funds/income. It went downhill from there.

We found a temporary place in town, hoping that at some point, we would be allowed occupancy of the family home until it sold. Well, it is now 3 and a half months later, we are still not back in our house and are currently staying at a hotel. Our dog had to be put up elsewhere. The cats were left behind. Things were sold.

I was left with credit card debt and tried to save my credit rating until I wasn’t able to come up with the funds anymore.

But the worst is the struggle around our son. We have always been very close and spend probably about 90% of the time together. Suddenly, a 50% share was requested. I had 911 called on me claiming I had kidnapped our son. We panicked, cried, fretted…it wasn’t pretty. My son had to adjust and didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time with his father. I was blamed and  accused of all sorts of things. I had to go to court to get permission to go on our annual trip to Germany to visit my family. “Bruder versus Bruder” – not something I had ever pictured to happen.

We tried mediation, it failed.

Now everything will go to court within the next two weeks.

I am hoping to get most of the things sorted out, to have some routine back in our lives. And, as we all know, lawyers do not come cheap so the sooner the better.


2 thoughts on “This is how it all began…”

  1. Oh Anya, das tut mir sehr weh, das zu lesen. Alles Liebe, viel Kraft und Energie für Deine Zukunft – und das Ihr beide zur Ruhe kommt. Regina

    1. Liebe Regina, danke, nicht das, was ich mir erhofft hatte für mein/unser Leben. Scheidung war für mich immer etwas, das nicht in Frage kommt…hoffe, dir und deiner Familie geht es gut.

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