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About the Logo Image

The logo image is called “The Healing Tree”© by Kate Bedell. Please find a description of the image here:

The Healing Tree is based on the Ace of Wands Mandala. The ‘Butterfly Tree’ now embodies the physical body of a woman who rises up from the flames at the earth’s core, through the roots of the tree, and who’s arms become the branches of the tree. In this way the Earth’s energy is channeled through her into the air which envelopes the world. We take from nature to give back to the earth.

The Ace of Wands Manadala which you can find as my logo here: www.myelementsoflife.com


The theme was the Ace of Wands and I started with the basic Mandala format. This encourages all that is in my unconscious to come to the fore. The idea behind the Ace of Wands is that it is made up of Fire energy which promotes creativity, both with self and our relationship to others and the rest of the world. It often appears in a Tarot spread when a new creative venture is about to burst forth or indeed it can also be translated into the fiery passion we feel when we fall in love.

The basic “Wand” shape appears in gold. The Wands in the Tarot are traditionally made from wood, and are seen as sticks or wands (perhaps a magic wand). In the painting I have done the wand as still part of the tree of life (which is another painting I have done – a suitable image for the Lovers Card). The magical tree is rooted deep in the earth where the fire energy comes from, and through a process of meandering growth (new growth seen sprouting from the trunk) emerges into the light of the rainbowed sky. The Butterfly image is a metaphor for transformation, her wings bearing the symbols of a heart in two pieces. This puts forth the question, do we become whole through the breaking of our hearts, or the coming together of our hearts through relationship? I believe the answer lies in the movement of her wings. When she flies the two halves come together making the heart whole again. To grow, each of us needs both separation and togetherness. Life and Love exist through eternal movement.