About Anya



my name is Anya, welcome to my blog about my personal journey with Hashimoto’s.

Where to start, is the hard part, I have had quite an interesting life, too much to write here on the About page.

My goal with this blog is to write about my very personal experiences, struggles and successes dealing with the autoimmune condition Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis hoping to give others some different ideas, hope, understanding and hopefully, some peace. When I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I turned to books, blogs and FB pages to read about other people’s stories. Some helped a lot, others not so much. On my blog, I will also talk about the pages, sites etc. that helped me and the ones that didn’t help me at all.

In May of 2015, I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune thyroid disease. I say “finally”, not because I had been in and out of doctors doing tests for a long time, on the contrary, I had not been to the doctor at all. Instead, I thought my symptoms were due to other factors, you know, busy with kid, life etc…not enough sleep…

The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland at the front part of your lower neck. It regulates how the body uses energy, hormones, metabolism, makes proteins and various other important body regulation processes. With Hashimoto’s the body attacks the thyroid tissue which can lead to a huge variety of symptoms, the most common being: unexpected weight gain, puffiness, cold extremities, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, systemic inflammation, aches and pains, hair loss, chronic brain fog, cognitive dysfunction. I struggle with several of these symptoms to varying degrees and, not one day is like the next.

So when my TSH came back higher than ideal, my Naturopath thought, I was classical hypothyroid. I took natural supplements, mostly iodine and a little bit of natural hormone, had severe reactions within a couple days, stopped one, kept taking the iodine and my body started falling apart. I was so sick for a month straight with all sorts of weird things happening…So even before I got tested for antibodies, I had a hunch that it might be Hashimoto’s. So, I started reading…I have been a “treehugger”, organic everything kind of person for many years now, so for me, hormone medication was not an option. I stubbornly insisted that I would be able to get a hold of this naturally.

Following several standard tests for thyroid function etc. (such as heavy metal poisoning, iodine, selenium and others), all values were in the optimal range. I had not taken any antibiotics in over 25 years, had not had one of the viral infections associated with Hashimoto’s or anything else. I tested for food sensitivities causing inflammation, which came back with highly allergic to eggs and dairy. So I eliminated eggs and dairy, limited sugar, added more smoothies and juices etc. Nothing really changed…So to me, it became evident that my root cause for developing an autoimmune condition was something other than deficiencies or other physical causes.  After reading on the effect of chronic stress on the body, I became increasingly convinced that stress was causing my condition. I became very interested in the effects of stress on a person’s health and how to manage that stress. This is what I will be focusing on in my blog, I might have a few recipes to share but they will not be following any particular diet, they are just yummy…

Please know that I am not a doctor or nutritionist, have no medical training  and don’t intend to give medical advise. However, I am a stress management trainer and life coach and intend to share my personal experiences with managing stress and other personal topics.

If I can only help one person shed a little bit more light on living with Hashimoto’s, coping better with daily struggles and leading a more peaceful life, I will have achieved my goal.